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We take over stocks, make concrete agreements, pay the stock in advance and ensure a tidy warehouse in no time. The start of a nice world trip for brand inventories. We search for the best destination (s) for branded products. And yet finding a suitable destination is not even our greatest strength.


Especially the route towards it makes us unique in the market. That is custom work. Always. We develop the most interesting roadmap per inventory to connect branded products with our network of people, resources or other brands. Sometimes national, sometimes international, but always with respect for the brand concerned, its market & privacy.


Excess, overtime or old stock. Limiting sustainability, circular or value destruction. Whatever the reason or ambition, we develop a customized brand journey. Challenge us once. We label that with a strange passport

A well-known car brand is looking for a final destination for all its merchandise items. Not the UK and IT were the explicit request. We have therefore skipped those destinations. It became a direct flight to southern and eastern Europe. More than 800 SKUs split into small orders. Many satisfied customers. Vroommmmmmmmm!


The customer has a number of merchandise items that are looking for a new destination. Here we are looking for.

We collect all our knowledge and filter which parts we can use in the problem of our customer.

The customer's express request was to skip the UK and IT. If we leave out these destinations, there are a number of options left.

We put the best solution to our customer and carry it out. It became a direct flight to southern and eastern Europe. More than 800 SKUs split into small orders!

Happy and satisfied customers are the result of this pleasant cooperation!


A number of solutions that we have developed for customers and brands in recent years:

  • International network of professional offline & online retailers

  • Private shopping events

  • Customer loyalty programs

  • Sales promotion programs

  • Merchandising programs

  • Marketing actions

  • Savings programs

  • Give aways during special events

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